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Quick Glance: Global Grant #1873936

EmceeSkool - Building Community Peace Ambassadors using Spoken Word

The Need:Unfortunately, Chicago, IL USA has earned the stigma of being a "violent city", to some known as the "Murder Capital of the World". Residents have become numb to the weekly, if not daily, reports of shootings and death by gunfire within the city limits and surrounding metro area, usually limited to communities that have experienced historic disenfranchisement and discrimination through decades of neglect and deliberate systemic, inequitable policies. As a result, there is a desperate need in these communities for innovative, proactive approaches to building communities of peace through direct intervention, mentorship and mechanisms that capture the imaginations and energy of today's young people in order create new leaders dedicated to creating a new reality.

The Project: EmceeSkool – Building Community Peace Ambassadors using Spoken Word is a collaborative project between the founders of L.Y.R.I.C. Mentoring (long-time grassroots Peace Partner of Rotary International District 6450), The Rotary Club of Chicago Southeast, The Firehouse Community Arts Center, and The Old Town School of Folk Music. The project is designed to develop young artists into Community-Based Peace Ambassadors with the proper tools and training to deliver highly-impact community-based programs that can be used as peace making and humanity building strategies. The project durationis approximately 9 months, and consists of program participant identification and intake, training of participants of projected outcomes, industry training and hands-on immersion, experiential training on using the art of Spoken Word/Hip Hop as a tool for Peacebuilding to address the needs of the community and final assessments of skills and objectives achieved. The Project is designed to train 50 Peace Ambassadors.

Rotary Partners to Date: As of January 1, 2019, the following Clubs and Districts have made a firm commitment to support this Project:

  • Rotary Club of Chicago Southeast (District 6450)

  • Rotary Club of Trans Amadi (District 9141)

  • Rotary Club of Chicago (District 6450)

  • Rotary Club of Naperville (District 6450)

  • Rotary Club of Chicago Cosmopolitan (District 6450)

  • Rotary International District 6450

  • Rotary International District 9141

Total Budget for this Project: $50,000 US

Here are a few videos which showcase the work of our community partners doing this work with community residents at two different Rotary events:

 Rotary Year 

District 6450

District Governor

Jane Hopkins


District Governor

Area "A"

Len Dominguez

Rotary Club
Chicago Southeas


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